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Chocolate mould washer at prosweet 2013

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Newsmith the world leader in industrial washing machine manufacturing are pleased to announce we have confirmed our position on Stand C028 at Pro Sweets 2013.

Newsmith will be showcasing their world renowned chocolate mould washer and their chocolate plaque washer

Bin washer installation

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Newsmith are proud to announce the installation of a bin washer at a famous confectionary manufacturer in the UK.

Newsmiths supply oven unloader to a large bakery in South East Asia.

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Newsmiths stainless recently supplied and installed an oven unloader to a large bakery in South East Asia.

The Newsmith oven unloader is manufactured from stainless steel and is capable of handling over 10,000 loaves per hour.

Cleaning Crates for Use in the Logistics Industry

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The logistics industry deals with the entire process of planning, executing and controlling the transportation and storage of goods from one point to another. An important aspect of these operations is the cleanliness of the crates used for transportation and storage.
Crates of different sizes, shapes and dimensions are used by different industries. Crates may be long, small, stackable, foldable, and open or closed with a lid. Whatever the type of crate, its cleanliness is paramount and therefore, logistics service providers need to use appropriate crate washer.

How to choose a component washer

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Several industries right from rail and automotive to aerospace and oil and gas plants make use of multiple-step manufacturing, in which components are subjected to different processes such as heat treatment or forging.
During these processes, the components easily gather dirt, oil or grease along with some contaminants belonging to the process they have undergone. It is vital that these components are thoroughly cleaned before being used in the subsequent steps of assembly or gauging. This cleaning is possible only by the use of an effective industrial component washer.

Choosing a chocolate mould washer

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By their very nature, some of the ingredients used in the chocolate industry are prone to spoilage within a short time, it is therefore imperative you wash any equipment thoroughly. A failure to do so will result in retaining of the chocolate ingredients on the moulds and plaques.

A chocolate mould washer or chocolate plaque washer is the correct equipment any commercial chocolate manufacturer needs to use. What this equipment does is to first gently but thoroughly clean and then dry the moulds and plaques so that they are ready for the next manufacturing cycle.

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What is an industrial washing machine

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The word “washing machine” generally evokes the image of equipment used to wash clothes. However, there are several other applications of industrial washing machine in areas besides apparel washing.

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Inline bin washer installation

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Newsmiths Silver Series inline bin washer was recently installed at a major European meat processing facility.

The industrial washer was installed by Newsmith engineers in July.

The Newsmith industrial washer was selected following an extensive review of industrial washing machine suppliers by the customer.

The washing machine is rated at up to 50 dolavs per hour and is able to provide a high quality, robust and cost effective cleaning solution with a low ongoing operational cost.

The industrial washer features:

  • intensive pre wash cleaning treatment for gross silage removal
  • high pressure detergent proces
  • final fresh rinse.
  • multipurpose feed conveyor system allows multiple bin types to be cleaned

New air knife for crate washing machines

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Based on a key focus of continual  product improvement and development tray washing machine manufacturer Newsmith Stainless have recently introduced their latest air knife design into their product range.

Designed to ensure a constant smooth flow of air on to the surface of the crate, tray or basket being dried, consistent improvements in drying performance and energy efficiency,  combined with a decline in noise levels have been seen.

Oliver Douglas Panamatic industrial washing machine matches success of specialist bakery producer

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The installation of a purpose-designed industrial washing machine facility from specialist manufacturer Oliver Douglas, has helped one of the South-East’s fastest developing producers of Chinese and Japanese bakery products to make the most of a move to new, larger premises.  The installation of an Oliver Douglas Panamatic 700 industrial washer is helping Sun Fung Food Products Ltd. to increase its throughput to match growth arising from developments to both its geographical market catchment and a greater customer range it is now targeting.

The Panamatic system has been installed as a stand-alone unit in a dedicated wash down area within Sun Fung Food Products’ new 15,000 sq. ft. London premises.  Able to accommodate a wide range of food preparation items in the single chamber – from mixing equipment and plates to trays and utensils – the unit achieves optimum washing via a series of spray arms, which direct the wash process to all areas and surfaces.

“We are now able to optimise our washing procedures through a single, highly effective facility,” comments Vivien Wong, Director of Sun Fung Food Products Ltd.  “Items are loaded into the Panamatic as their use is complete and, once loaded, the unit then follows a pre-programmed sequence to produce fully cleaned equipment for the next production operation.”  She points out that, importantly, the operating temperature of the Panamatic 700 meets the cleanliness requirements specified by the British Retail Consortium for production.

“The Panamatic 700 is ideally suited to an installation of this type and volume,” comments Paul Careless, Sales Manager at Oliver Douglas, “because it can accommodate the throughput of aluminium, stainless steel and plastic products, which matches Sung Fung Food Products’ requirements.  Part of the customer’s success has been based on its ability to provide a flexible service, which echoes the capability of the Panamatic design – with economical running costs and ease of both operation and maintenance among other key benefits.”

Paul Careless also highlights fabrication from stainless steel, the large capacity of the wash tank – which in turn minimises the need for water changes – and the benefits arising from thermostatically controlled electric heating.

“We believe this is an excellent demonstration of our ability to work closely with customers in very specialist markets to identify the most appropriate machine to meet their specific requirements.  In this case, the Panamatic 700 offers significant advantages that accommodate increased production throughput – which itself pays testimony to the success being enjoyed by Sun Fung Food Products Ltd.,” concludes Paul Careless.